9 Health Secrets Of Beautiful Japanese Women You Should Know


9 Health Secrets Of Beautiful Japanese Women You Should Know

beautiful Japanese women
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When someone says beautiful Japanese women, you think of fair skin that looks soft and young no matter what their age! Let’s not to forget their gorgeous hair. The Japanese have always been known for their beautiful and healthy skin and hair. How did they manage to look so perfect and natural all the time?

At a recent launch event for Japanese beauty brand SK-II, famed makeup artist Gucci Westman talked about her time in Japan and how taken aback she was by the youthfulness of the women around her. She says she was amazed at their smooth, wrinkle-free complexions, and insisted that she knew their secrets.

Unfortunately, Westman didn’t spill all of her intel at the event, but it gave the ich to quickly uncover what they were using. And what better source to go to than SK-II national brand ambassador Steve John, who also happens to be a skincare expert and Japanese beauty expert?

We may not have known of them earlier, but a few beautiful Japanese women are now out in the open. For those of you who admire their looks, there are few interesting Japanese women beauty secrets that can try out for yourself. These are easy to follow and the result is How did they manage to look so perfect and natural all the time? Let’s see what are they…

Health Secrets Of Beautiful Japanese Women

beautiful Japanese women
image: pixabay

Following are some of the most important beauty secrets followed by beautiful Japanese women to maintain healthy and beautiful looks. I know you are waiting for long, so move down…

Beautiful Japanese Women Take Warm Water Bath

In Japan, bathing is a ritual that extends beyond at-home dips. Onsen bathhouses, for example, were a popular form of recreation that involved scrubbing your body with heavy exfoliants and then submerging yourself in a steaming hot bath before bed will get you feeling relaxed and ready for bed, and if you infuse your bath with oils, your skin will feel moisturized and replenished.

A pre-bedtime bath also speeds up the body’s natural melatonin production process, making it easier for you to fall asleep. If you suffer from muscle aches and pains or arthritis, baths can serve as a temporary pain reliever. A saltwater bath can also help to reduce the inflammation in arthritic joints. Trying to stave off the flu? Jump in the tub and let the steam relax your mind while moisturizing and clearing the nasal passages. Who knew baths could do so much?

Beautiful Japanese Women Eat Healthy Food

Think for a second what are the foods we associate with Japan- fish, rice, and seaweed. These, together with cabbage-family vegetables, make up the bulk of the traditional Japanese diet. No fatty meat, no sugar and no tons of bread. What distinguishes these foods is their abundance of omega-3 fatty acids, health-promoting, antiaging molecules, fibers, vitamins and minerals in high quantities. Basically, everything that’s essential for your health and good looks. Rice is one of the most popular Japanese beauty secrets mentions, while we’re on the subject of food as an element in the beauty routine of Japanese women.

Rice is not just a super healthy food, packed with vitamins and minerals, that helps the skin glow from within. It, or rather the water you’ve boiled it in, or simply rinsed it in, can be used as a facial wash. You can also add it to your bath water. why? Because it contains the minerals that have left the grains during cooking and it also contains starch, a soothing substance for the skin.

Beautiful Japanese Women Drink Green Tea

beautiful Japanese women
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There are so many reasons to drink a hot cup of tea, which is why it’s a sacred tradition in Japanese culture. Green tea is high in antioxidants and may help prevent breast cancer. It’s also an excellent way to burn fat and speed up your metabolism. To really reap the benefits of the stuff, you should strive to drink two to three cups a day, but if you’re not a tea drinker, you can apply it topically and still reap some benefits.

Use green tea as a toner by letting two cups cool after brewing, then applying it to your face with a cotton ball. This natural alternative can give you glowing skin and reduce the size of pores. You can store the solution in a bottle and make it a daily part of your beauty routine.

Japanese Women Treats Acne Naturally

The Japanese n treat acne as naturally as possible. They use turmeric and tea tree, either directly or by extracting its oil. Seaweed also used by them immensely in toning and cleansing the skin. You get both a glowing skin and reduced pore size from this beauty ingredient.

Japanese women Exfoliate Their Skin

Japanese women often exfoliate their skin often with the help of a clear gel. This helps remove dull and dead skin cells from their faces. You can use a herbal exfoliating scrub that is mild and will give the desired result without adding any chemicals to the skin. Oriental herbs help the skin to fight dryness and enhance the skin’s beauty.

Japanese Beautiful Women Get Face Massage Regularly

Regularly treating yourself to massages – both at a spa and at home is a must, and the indulgence is especially popular in Japan. Try massaging your face wash thoroughly into your skin when cleansing. This helps prevent premature aging and improves circulation and blood flow to the face.

If you don,t want to put in the work, try using face brush in place of your fingers. You can also massage your scalp with coconut oil or castor oil before washing your hair. Many Japanese women rely on camelia oil to achieve thick, shiny looks. The multi-purpose beauty treatment can be used as a shine serum, daily hair moisturizer or hot oil treatment. Apply it to the tips of your strands to repair split ends and damage.

Japanese Beautiful Women Exercise Regularly And Avoid Sunrays

The Japanese are highly health conscious people. They believe in the goodness of walks and meditations as it helps to tighten the skin. They walk and do meditation regularly. Also protecting your skin from exposure is a key factor in maintaining beautiful skin. Though stateside we’re still hammering this point home, Japanese culture is more accepting of the importance of sun damage prevention. Staying out of the sun can preserve your skin and prevent lines and wrinkles from forming. Wear sunscreen every day, year-round for beautiful skin.

Japanese Women Use Take Care Of Their Hair Health

Japanese women pay particular attention to their hair and prefer to use special, handmade wooden combs, whose tiny little pores catch the natural oil that your scalp glands produce and distribute it along the length of the hair. This helps keep it well moisturized, strong and healthy, not to mention extra shiny.
The Japanese women also use seawood powder to cleanse their hair and they don’t use the synthetic, chemical packed shampoos we use, too often at the expense of our hair’s health. To moisturize, they rub camellia oil into their locks- it works best on wet hair.

Japanese Women Takes Fish Therapy

To remove the dead skin cells from their feet, the Japanese dip their feet into a small pond or tub filled with “doctor fish” or toothless fish. These fish scrape off the dead skin from the feet helps in smoothing out the heals and makes them look healthy.

Overall, Beautiful Japanese women, lead a healthy lifestyle with a very healthy diet, keep out of the sun, drink the amazing antioxidant green tea on a daily basis, choose Japanese skin care products wisely and practice some form of meditation techniques Like Reiki and Zen which brings them inner peace.

Even we think that the food we eat plays a very crucial role in how our looks and behaves. Eat and drink healthily and your skin will improve by a mile. And Beautiful Japanese women are totally aware of this.

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