Amazing Facts And Benefits of money plant: Myth or Reality

Benefits of money plant

benefits of money plant

Introduction: A money plant is a standout amongst the most well-known family unit plants. It is said that simply like its name and the look of its leaves (that resemble takes note of), the money plant contributes to expanding the accounts of the house.

In any case, with regards to preparing a cash plant, there are sure things that you have to remember, else it may have an unfavorable impact. The following are those things…

Mash plants are primarily utilized as indoor plant due to the foliage and fast development. They are known for their adjusted, coin-like, seed cases.

The plants are commonly self-seeding and regularly develop as biennials. The leaves create vitality which is put away in its creating root framework. The following are the Someone of a kind benefits of money plant.

Trees and plants give protect, nourishment, unadulterated air, and numerous other valuable advantages to people. Numerous indoor plants are accepted to bring thriving and good fortunes, including basil, jasmine, lemon, wise, lavender, roses, orchids, and rosemary.

Analysts contemplated houseplants as an approach to cleansing the air and saw that a portion of the unpredictable natural mixes (VOCs) are sifted through from the air by a few indoor plants.

In spite of the fact that these examinations were attempted in the space offices by NASA and teammates, it is trusted that indoor plants can likewise encourage clean indoor air.

Other than different benefits of money plant (Scindapsus aureus, or Epipremnum aureum) is accepted to bring success and good fortune.

Money Plant Benefits

It is said that Money plant bears the most extreme advantages when it is become inside the house, as opposed to outside the house. A money plant can be pruned in a little pot or even a glass bottle.

benefits of money plant

In the case of preparing it outside, try to pot it under a secured region, without the immediate sun confronting it. Give us now a chance to discuss the benefits of money plant…

It is said that a cash plant indicates real cash – it is said that the greener your cash plant, the more cash you will get in the house. It is said that the more leaves your money plant has, the more cash you will have.

Cash plant additionally holds a position of extraordinary significance in Feng Shui. It is said that a sound, green money plant will spread great vitality around the house. Not just this, it additionally helps in keeping illnesses under control in the house.

Since the leaves of money plant are heart-molded, it is said that it acquires love and joy in the family. It likewise helps patch broken connections and enhances the connection between the relatives of the house.

Money plant as a standout amongst other plants to decontaminate air dirtied with engineered synthetic compounds from furniture and cleaning arrangements.

Money plant has air purging limit. It cleans your encompassing air and can ingest unsafe poisons which are discharged from forced air systems, fridges, and different apparatuses. It empowers the home by sifting air and expanding oxygen inflow.

It is prescribed to keep one plant close to every PC, TV, or WiFi switch.

Putting a money plant before a sharp corner or edge lessens tension and stress.

Stress Relief: One of the most benefits of money plant is that it can keep your mind quiet and discharge your pressure. It can lessen your nervousness and rest issue and bring a positive vibe.

Thus, Place a cash plant in your room and lounge to keep away from this psychological maladjustment.

Money plants enact positive vitality in our everyday lives. It is prescribed to plant money plants inside the house as they bring good fortunes.

what is money plant?

benefits of money plant

Epipremnum Aureum additionally generally known as Money Plant is a tropical vining plant found in Northern Australia through Malaysia, Singapore and, Indochina into China, Japan, India and, Pakistan.

Epipremnum aureum is a types of blooming plant in the group of Araceae, local in Mo’orea, French Polynesia. The plant has a huge number of basic names including fallen angel’s ivy, brilliant pothos, seeker’s robe, ivy arum, cash plant, silver vine, Solomon Islands ivy and, taro vine.

This plant is local to Southeastern Asia and New Guinea. It has a place with the Araceae family, which contains in excess of 100 genera.

Money plant contains some astonishing obscure certainties. Despite the fact that cash plant is utilized as a houseplant, when it develops in the wild it very well may be a 50-60 feet tall tree.

You may not accept, but rather a portion of the money plants have seeds which develop inside the unit. Thus, we can’t see their seeds. There are five leaves in each part of a cash plant that grow 12 inches in length.

The plant is known as a cash plant since its leaves (round, level, heart-formed, dull green, and full) look like coins. It is an enduring and might be developed as either a trailer or a climber. Youthful plants bear three-to four-inch-long heart-molded leaves. This plant is developed for the most part inside.

money plant scientific name

Epipremnum aureum is the scientific name of this plant, but it is more popular as Money Plants which can be found in our every household. In fact, the name is pretty enough to understand why we all need this plant inside our house.

Money plant is considered as a lucky plant which brings wealth, health, happiness and positive vibe in the house.

Moreover, Money plant is one of the indoor plants which can make a home more lively and enhance the beauty of a home. And if it is for maintenance, this plant needs bright, indirect light and moderate-to-high humidity. This low maintenance plant should be kept away from hot and dry air.

According to Vastu Sastra, this plant should be placed in some particular in office and home.

money plant in kitchen

can we keep a money plant in the kitchen?

Vastu is a practical approach to live, Money plant is a Climber (Tendril) So it should not placed at any place from which Snakes, Small animals, insects easily Climb on House, Door etc.

money plant in bedroom

Is it advisable to have indoor plants in our bedroom?

A direction is fixed for each plant that is to be placed in the house. According to the Vastu shastra, placing a money plant in the house brings happiness, wealth and prosperity But if this plant is kept in the wrong direction than you may have to face issues related to money.

Never put money plant in the north angle (north-east direction). This may lead to loss of money and it also negatively impacts on health and relationships.

Other thing is to Keep in mind that the money plant’s vine should never be spread on the ground.

It is auspicious to put money plant inside the house instead of putting it out of the house. It can be applied in a pot or bottle.

t is considered inauspicious If the leaves of money plant get fade or become white. One should Daily water money plant and cut off faded leaves.

Money Plant also deals with wealth as well as bringing peace to relationships. Do not put it in the East-West direction.

The igneous angle (south-east direction) is considered auspicious to the money plant. It is considered as the direction of Ganesha.

money plant care

One thing that should be remembered while having a money plant in the house is that you ought not permit any other person to cut or prune your cash plant, not by any means your neighborhood planter.

Doing as such will be similar to giving without end your riches to the next individual. Here are different things you have to remember while getting a money plant home…

You have to persistently water and prune the money plant. A dry and withered plant is said to be ominous for the accounts of the house. Keep up your money plant frequently. Money plant needs soil that permits great air circulation and seepage.

While you can utilize standard soil additionally, its best to counsel your nursery worker before you choose to pot the money plant. A money plant will in general become indiscriminately all around, so abstain from having a little pot for it that can confine its development. Continuously pick a pot that is marginally bigger.

Best of all, a money plant requires no extraordinary consideration – you simply need to shield it from the unforgiving sun in summers and the chilly climate in winters.

Since the plant does not develop to be a tree, you don’t require to cut it too. Simply ordinary pruning would do.

money plant in water

Money plant ( pothos ) is one of few plants which can be directly rooted in water and maybe this is the reason of its popularity among naive gardeners. Below is the step by step information of rooting money plant vine in the water.

  1. Select a healthy looking money plant vine. The vine which you select for taking cuttings should not be having any visible damage, infection on it.
  2. Make a clear, sharp cut at 45-degree angle on just above a node. ( node is the distinctly visible joint on the vine from where leaves emerge)
  3. The cutting should have minimum 2-3 lodes on it. However, in case of a money plant, you can have as many leaves as you want.
  4. Put the cutting in a soft drink bottle ( cut from top ) or jar filled with water. Water should be clean and clear. Avoid using dirty water as it can have harmful bacteria in it.
  5.  Keep the small outgrowth at nodes below the water level, these outgrowths (sometimes called nodes only) grow into roots. In 1-2 weeks roots will start developing
  6. Put the above jar or bottle on a shaded place where money plant gets indirect sunlight.
  7. Keep changing water as soon as you find it turbid or better change it every week.
  8. If you want then add few drops of nitrate based liquid fertilizer to it.
    The good part of a money plant is that though it requires adequate watering, it can still survive on days when you forget to water it.
  9. Still, make sure to water it twice in peak summers or once a day or alternate days in harsh winters.

money plant vastu

benefits of money plant

According to Vast Sashtra, these 5 leaves symbolize five elements of Feng Shui such as metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. And these elements are considered as the power of attracting prosperity to the owner.

After all, sentiments and moods play a great role in energizing people and encouraging them to work relentlessly to achieve goals.

When it comes to the Vastu of your house, almost everything you own constitutes as either good and bad Vastu — Vastu not only affects the direction of your house, but almost all plants, both indoor and outdoor, to affect the Vastu of your living space — read on to know more…

Vastu experts say plants activate positive energy in our day-to-day lives. They recommend planting money plants inside the house as they bring good luck. They do not recommend growing them outside in the garden, however.

Vastu experts recommend planting money plants inside the house as they bring good luck. They, however, do not recommend growing them outside in the garden.

Dried leaves should be plucked off from the wine to draw the luck related benefits since dry leaves make the plant less attractive. It has been gathered from the experience of growing money plant as an indoor plant that soilless plants should be grown inside the house as the growth of it gets retarded in the open.

Vigorous growth of plant, however, takes place when planted in the tilled soil with proper watering and nutrient application.

A money plant should never be kept in the North-East direction — it is said that not only does this lead to loss of money in the house, but also adversely affects the health of the family members.

If you are a married couple living together, then you should never keep your money plant in the east-west direction. It is said that this can lead to fights and arguments between the husband and wife. Avoid.

Where To Buy Money Plant

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Other Beliefs About Money Plants

benefits of money plant

According to a popular belief, a money plant loses its power if it is grown from one’s own cutting. Giving a money plant or its cuttings to others symbolizes giving your wealth to them.

House owners get more money or become richer if they propagate this plant using stolen branches or cuttings. According to another belief, the person whose house the cuttings were stolen from stands to lose his money.

I don’t wish to spread misconceptions or convey the wrong notion, but I have observed this to be true in a few cases. In one case, a homeowner’s bike was stolen a few days after clippings of their money plant were stolen.

However, nobody can say with full confidence whether the bicycle theft was the effect of the money plant theft, or just a coincidence.

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