How To Get Rid Of Pores On nose, face and Cheeks Permanently

How To Get Rid Of Pores On the nose, face and Cheeks Permanently



How To Get Rid Of Pores
Enlarged open pores on the face can make your skin look aged and unhealthy. They can also increase other skin care problems, such as acne and blackheads, especially for people with oily skin. Are you curious to know how to shrink large pores or reduce pore size? Let us how to get rid of pores from nose and skin.

Waking up to a big day only to notice that the pores on your nose look bigger than ever in the mirror is no fun. Unfortunately, your pore size is genetic, so you can’t actually reduce their natural size. You can, however, make them look smaller and stop them from stretching out with a variety of techniques.

Many people end up using products or treatments for large pores that instead of minimizing the pores make matters worse! To attain the best possible results, first, you need to know what causes large pores and then how to treat large pores?

What Are Large Pores?

How To Get Rid Of Pores

Pores are hair follicle openings and serve as the escape route for perspiration and other body toxins. Large or enlarged pores are more visible. They tend to be found on the oily or aging skin and can get clogged with debris and oils, like sebum, that should flow out of pores. Those with large pores can be more prone to breakouts.

 What Causes Large Pores?

Large pores are caused by a variety of factors, most of which we can’t avoid. However, understanding what causes large pores can certainly help you find the best solution.



Oily and unclean skin can also cause oils to settle around the pores, making them appear larger as the skin around them thickens. Skin thickens, too, from sun damage and aging as cells build up around pore openings.
This is because when excess oil, dead skin cells, and dirt collect in your pores, your skin swells and your pores look larger than normal.


Genetics Blame it all on your genes. If you have large pores, they have likely been passed down through the genetic line. Your parents, grandparents, and perhaps even great-grandparents had large pores as well. While you can’t control how you got large pores, you can control whether they get stretched out or impacted with sebum.

If you have large pores on your face, it’s likely that someone else in your family also has large pores. You might have also inherited thick or oily skin, which can cause your pores to appear large too.


Aging causes your skin to lose its elasticity, which can make your pores look bigger. Age. As we age, our skin begins to lose its elasticity. This means it can no longer spring back to its earlier state after being filled with dead skin cells or sebum. Sun damage can also contribute to larger pore size, as well as aging. Anti-aging skin care regimes can help combat large pores, as can wearing a daily SPF 30.


Blackheads may not cause large pores, but they are an undesirable result of them, a result of dirt settling into large pores and — given their dark color — being especially easy to spot on the skin.


Ironically, rather than hiding skin imperfections, Makeup can actually cause pores to appear enlarged, especially when it’s not properly washed off. It can also settle in and around pores to highlight instead of hiding them. But mostly, cosmetics can be a magnet for dirt and oils, causing large pores too, quite literally, shine.

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When skin produces too much oil it mixes with dead skin in the pore, forming a clog that causes it to enlarge. If the oil becomes trapped by the dead skin, it oxidizes, forming a blackhead. Fear not: The right products and routine will help minimize these issues and get the smooth, clear complexion you want.

Knowing which parts of your skincare routine could be making the problem worse, as well as which products are going to deliver the best results is your best defense against blackheads and enlarged pores. Follow this guideline to get the smooth, clear complexion you want!

* Don’t use bar soap or other skin care products that clog pores. The ingredients that keep bar soap it in its solid form can clog pores. You should also avoid products that are overly emollient (meaning thick or greasy creams)—especially if you have oily skin.

* Avoid scrubs and cleansing brushes with stiff bristles. You can’t scrub away blackheads and the harshness just makes skin dry and flaky, creating more dead skin that can block pores.

* Never go to bed without washing off your makeup. Neglecting to thoroughly, but gently, remove all your makeup can make clogged pores worse.

* Exfoliate with a completely non-abrasive, leave-on salicylic acid (BHA) liquid to shed built-up surface dead skin that would normally gather in the pore, stretching it out, and risk turning into a blackhead.

* Cleanse your face-The best types of cleansers get rid of excess dirt and oil without completely stripping your skin of moisture. For large pores related to oily skin, look for a gel-based cleanser. Normal to dry skin can benefit from creamy cleansers.

* Moisturize for balanced hydration-One of the most common mistakes people with oily skin make is to skip out on moisturizer for fear that it will add more oil to their face.

Moisturizing products actually help your natural sebum penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin. This not only reduces the appearance of oiliness, but it also helps to condition your skin effectively. Without it, your skin could produce even more oil.

* Use a clay mask– Clay masks can help remove oil, dirt, and dead skin deep inside your pores to make them look smaller. You can use these once or twice per week, but not on the same days that you exfoliate. Exfoliating and using a clay mask on the same day can be tough on your skin and increase your risk of irritation.


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Best home remedies for open pores of Nose and Skin Permanently

Factors like stress, genetics, and unhealthy skin care also give rise to open pores. The skin loses its elasticity as you age, making the condition worse. There are many ways to minimize the occurrence of skin pores. The market is full of products that claim to offer relief. But, why spend so much when the solution can be found in your kitchen shelves?

The home remedies in this article can help to reduce or diminish pores effectively and cheaply. Believe it or not, they work wonders.

1. Using Ice to remove open pores

How To Get Rid Of Pores

Usage of ice is one of the most effective age-old home remedies to remove open pores on face and skin permanently and you must try it out. Ice has a skin tightening property that shrinks the larger skin pores. It also reduces any kind of swelling on the skin and is a cure for the pimples and rashes. Application of ice on face regulates circulation and makes your skin look healthy.

2. Aloe Vera For Pores

How To Get Rid Of Pores

Moisturizing the face with aloe vera helps to shrink large pores. The gel cleanses and nourishes the skin and removes oil and dirt from the clogged pores. Apply some aloe vera gel on the pores and massage for a few minutes. Preferably, use fresh aloe vera gel for this. Let the aloe gel sit on your skin for 10 minutes. Then, rinse with cool water. Applying aloe vera gel every day will soon shrink your pores.

3. Cucumber and lemon

How To Get Rid Of Pores

The humble cucumber is the best way to bid goodbye to enlarged pores because the high silica content in the vegetable not only imparts a youthful look to the skin but also helps in tightening the large pores. Try mixing lemon to it for better results as the astringent in the lemon will reduce the appearance of the ugly pores.

All you need to do is mix two tablespoons of cucumber juice with one tablespoon of lemon juice to make a pack. Now, apply the concoction to your face with a cotton ball. Let the juice dry out and wash your face with cold water thereafter.

4. Lemon juice to remove open pores

How To Get Rid Of Pores

Lemon juice is very effective in treating the problem of open skin pores. The citric acid content in it exfoliates your skin, breaks the impurities or dirt’s chemical bond, and helps to unclog the open pores. It also possesses astringent properties which tighten up loose skin and fights the problems of blackheads, whiteheads etc. Lemon juice is also used to brighten your skin and get rid of any acne or pimple marks.

you have to squeeze out the juice from the lemon and dilute the juice in water. Then dab a cotton ball in it and apply on your open pores. Let it stay for around 15 minutes and then clean it. If you are not allergic or sensitive to lemons, you may use this remedy daily to get significant results, rest may avoid it.

5. Banana peel

How To Get Rid Of Pores

Don’t we all love to eat bananas? But hey, have you ever thought of the benefits of its peel? Well, get ready to be surprised! Banana peel contains lutein, which is an antioxidant, that aids skin nourishment.

Also, banana peels consist of potassium which promotes a flawless skin. Just pick up a banana peel and rub it against your skin in a circular motion. Continue to rub for fifteen minutes and then wash your face with cold water. Trying this remedy twice a week will shrink your large pores to a great extent.

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6. Egg White For Pores

How To Get Rid Of Pores

Egg white tightens and tones the skin, which helps in shrinking the enlarged pores. Egg masks are excellent remedies for open pores and can also be used to treat virulent Take the egg white and mix it with the oatmeal and lemon juice. Make an even paste. Apply the paste on your face and keep it on for 30 minutes. Rinse it off with cold water.orms of acne. Apply the paste twice a week for beautiful skin.

7. Using a sugar scrub to remove open pores

You may use the sugar scrub to reduce your open pores on face and skin permanently. This scrub is a natural exfoliant that cleanses your skin, removes the dirt, impurities, and oil and helps to reduce the size of the open pores.

Take around 1 tablespoon of brown sugar, 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and mix all of them gently. Then wash your face and apply the scrub on your open pores. Massage it for 5 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. You can use this remedy two times weekly for significant improvements.

8. Fuller’s Earth ( Multani Mitti) for Skin Pores

How To Get Rid Of Pores

Fuller’s Earth or Multani Mitti not only reduces pimples but is also helpful in reducing pores as it’s very good at absorbing oil and dirt from open pores. Also, it helps in exfoliating dead skin cells. Using it once a week can tighten your pores.

All you need is two tablespoons of Fuller’s Earth and some water to make a thick paste. Apply this paste to your face and leave it to dry. Once it dries up, wash your face with cold water.

9. Baking Soda For Skin Pores

How To Get Rid Of Pores

Baking soda has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing complications like pimples and acne. It helps remove dead skin cells, grime, and other impurities. Baking soda regulates the skin’s acid content and maintains its pH balance.

Make a paste by mixing soda and warm water. Apply the paste into the pores and massage gently in circular motions for about 30 seconds. Rinse it thoroughly using cool water. Use this remedy once in three to four days.

10. Use gram flour to remove open pores

You can use gram flour or “besan” for reducing open pores on face and skin permanently. The gram flour pack tightens the skin and reduces all the dullness. It has natural exfoliating properties that remove the dead skin cells and sebum and lets your skin breathe. It removes the pimples and acne and suits maximum skin types.

You may simply apply gram flour mixed with water and wash your face after 15 minutes but if you want to get more significant results, you have to take a step further. Here you have to mix 1 tablespoon of gram flour with turmeric powder, yogurt and olive oil in adequate proportions.

Then apply this fine paste on your large skin pores and let it dry for 20 minutes. After that, wash off with cold water. Do not forget to moisturize if you find your skin getting dry. This remedy you may follow thrice weekly.

11. Turmeric for skin Pores

How To Get Rid Of Pores

We have read enough about the antibacterial properties of turmeric, but little has been written about its pore shrinking properties. Since turmeric reduces skin inflammation (it kills the bacteria growing inside the pores), it, in turn, reduces swelling around the pores. Take one teaspoon of turmeric powder and mix it with a few drops of water to form a thin paste. Now, apply the paste to your skin and leave it for ten minutes. Wash with cold water thereafter.

Don’t be disheartened by your large, open pores! We discussed above how to get rid of pores from nose, face, and skin. They are just a temporary setback. Taking good care of your skin is essential to prevent pores from becoming enlarged and getting clogged. Make these home remedies a part of your skin care routine, and you will soon notice the pores decreasing in size. Your skin will also start becoming more clear and glowing.

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